Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies

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You can begin with a light peck on the cheek. For the extra naughty ones out there, hold the mistletoe over different parts of your body you want kissing too…. Growing up did you ever realise just how naughty Christmas songs were? You can either personalise one with some of your favourites, or for some inspiration check out these 14 sexy songs that will be sure to get you on the naughty list. Ho, ho, hoe? Now this can be a lot of fun. Dressing up is a great way to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Visually stimulate your partners senses. Why not make it a hedonistic experience by opening this present early and turning yourself on in front of the mirror?

If you or your partner are into furries the fetish for dressing up in anthropomorphic animal costumes maybe Rudolph can guide your sleigh tonight? See 10 for some seriously naughty Christmas sex positions. A simple bow across your naked body, and a cheeky smile will do.

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This is where things start getting a little more peppery. With festively flavoured lubricant, such as this Peppermint Flavoured Lube you can seductively turn him into a candy cane to lick and suck, while you jingle his balls all the way to the North Pole. Incorporating food into the bedroom is definitely advisable. Are you salivating yet? Candles are essential at this time of year for providing the light and warmth in the darkness, but have you thought of incorporating wax into your sex life?

Not only do they set a sensual mood, especially if you indulge in a cinnamon scented one, but the real fun comes with dripping the hot wax onto the skin. Soy candles are most commonly praised in the kink community for their low melting point so no awkward trips to the emergency room and doubles up as a massage oil.

New Years Eve: A Sexy Holiday To Celebrate Your Relationship

Imagine, Father Christmas popping out of the chimney to see himself in a porno! Anna Richards erotic films on FrolicMe are especially delicious.

[4K HD] Christmas Fantasy Parade

Try Kinky Christmas for the perfect night in. Or if you enjoy a good piece of erotica, Kinky Sexy Festive Fuck is in written form. For the more creative folk out there, if you have any festive fantasies, you can make your own home video or even confess them to Erika Lust on XConfessions to be made into a professional erotic film. Want to get out of the house? For the naughtiest Christmas of all, take the time to learn some new moves in the bedroom.

Lift your legs and cradle your body back and forth to have yourself a merry little Christmas — maybe even while your partner watches you. Now has anyone ever told you that sex in this position actually looks like a Christmas turkey? Wear Tenuto and penetrate while on top with this delicious move that will leave her hungry for more.

Tired of gift wrapping yet? These spouses are the backbone of military families and support our troops during mission, deployment, reintegration and reset. If you are a member of the military or know someone who is a Military spouse, show your appreciation for all their hard work and dedication. Yes, she is a MILF, right? Use this holiday to spice up your relationship in ways you have not done before with your hot mama. Re-create your first date together, spend some quality time with her away from the stresses and worries of everyday life, or get creative and send her on a sexy scavenger hunt with thoughtful, sexy gifts for her to find based on memories you have together.

On the 9th day of the 6th month.

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Get it? Because red roses tend to be used as decoration in many cultures at wedding ceremonies, they are are now known to be the symbol of love and romance. On this day, couples present each other with red roses that represent their love. Not a fan of flowers? Instead gift her with something that evokes the same response to the beauty of flowers without the wilting. Regardless, red roses are a romantic way to spice up your relationship this holiday and will surely put a smile on her face. A day to honor dads and appreciate everything he does.

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Instead make sure to spice up your relationship with this holiday date idea and surprise the father of your children with a sensual massage, an intimate night with only you, ultra-sexy lingerie , and tantalizing IOUs and photos.. The objective of this holiday is to enjoy a kiss with your lover.

So go ahead, smooch it up all you want today. We guarantee you, she will love the extra attention. Whether used to celebrate the special bond of friendship between women, or for couples to celebrate what makes girlfriends so special, this holiday celebrates all the unlimited ways life is better with your girlfriend in it. If you are a boyfriend looking to spoil and pamper your girlfriend on this day, celebrate in a way that makes her happy.

We are all about national underwear day, and you should be too. Spice up your relationship this holiday by spending the entire day together wearing nothing but some fun underwear. What would a relationship be without an argument, a fight, or a tiff once in a while? This day aims to celebrate the resolution to your argument — and instead focus on coming together and leaving your differences behind.

Today is a day to get out of the doghouse , kiss and make up. Traditionally celebrated to show appreciation for everything their wives do to make them happy, husbands present them with gifts of flowers, perfume, jewelry, clothing or lingerie. Often times is easy to leave feelings left unsaid, but on this holiday idea spice up your relationship a little by writing messages of love to her in the form of a note. Carefully tuck them away in places for her to find for an unexpected surprise.. This Sweetest Day holiday idea can spice up your relationship by bringing the two of you closer together.

Meant to recognize that sweet and special someone in your life, go on and shower your sweetheart with some sweets. Traditionally men give gifts of candies and chocolates to their sweetie, but as long as the gift is thoughtful and cute, anything goes. Whether you want to keep dinner simple and comforting or wow her with an extraordinary spread, throw on that apron, commandeer that grill, and use some exotic seasonings to spice up your relationship this holiday. This International day of giving takes place at the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.

On this day people and organizations donate money and resources to charities and nonprofits in an event to counterbalance the commercialization and consumerism of the post-Thanksgiving season. So spread some holiday cheer, and donate to your favorite non-profit on this day! This Jewish eight-day, wintertime holiday of Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights, and is celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods such as doughnuts and latkes. Gather friends and family together to partake in this festive and happy holiday.

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Use these wonderful eight days to let your lover know just how much they mean to you. If you hate shopping, and we know most men do, this national day will allow you to get your last minute online shopping in on this day.

Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies
Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies
Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies
Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies
Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies Christmas Kink: Six Festive Fantasies

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