Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)

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Operation Weserübung

This left the Germans free to concentrate their efforts on the invasion of Norway, which Germany now wanted not just to safeguard the continuance of iron ore shipments from Sweden via Narvik, but also for the suitability of its long northern coast as a base area for naval units, and most especially U-boats, from which to harry Allied commercial shipping in the North Atlantic.

Within two hours the ship, unable to manoeuvre in the narrow fjord, had sunk and taken with her some men.

The Allies had been able to warn the two Scandinavian governments of the impending threat, but neither Denmark nor Norway had moved with alacrity to improve their defence postures, Denmark because she could do little and Norway because she was unwilling to be seen undertaking military preparations. Even so, Engelbrecht managed to get part of his rd Division ashore and then to take half of Oslo and the arsenal at Horten. The German position was stabilised by the arrival at Fornebu airfield of airlifted reinforcements.

The German threat to Norway was dangerous, but was scattered and could have been contained by rapid and concerted action on the part of the Allies. But this response was ill considered, especially as the cruisers, currently lying at Rosyth to embark troops for Narvik, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger, were now ordered to offload the troops and depart in support of the Home Fleet, and as the elderly fleet carrier Furious was rushed to sea so rapidly she had no time to embark her fighter aircraft.

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Weserübung in German and Norwegian Historiography

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Operation Weserübung & the Closure of the Battle for Orkney

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Compared with monthly sailings before war broke out? With tens of thousands of tons of German merchant shipping sitting rusting in ports around the world, unable to get home I wonder if there's a correlation between the start of the war and the apparent decline in throughput via Narvik to Germany?? Would simply read the th "anhang" containing situation reports from the German intelligence on the situation in most Norwegian harbours and among those detailed information on Norwegian costal defenses.

And the torpedo battery is in that list.

Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition) Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)
Die Weser-Übung (German Edition)

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