LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)

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Collier, ], p. In she performed in Russia, and in , to great acclaim, in America.

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From until she was a member of the Vienna Opera. Meyerbeer and Auber considered her unequalled, and the latter was so struck by her interpretation of the part of Zerline in Fra Diavolo that he made her a present of the pen with which he had written the opera.

Meantime she gave birth to a daughter — the father was Karl-Kuno Rollo, Graf von Coudenhove, whose family threatened to have him shut up in a mental institution if he dared to marry an actress — and was baptised a Protestant. While performing at the Orpheum , she was discovered by a Berlin theatre director and brought to the Geman capital, where she mostly performed in revues. In she married Max Pallenberg , the leading comic actor of the German stage. She had a close association with Oscar Straus, creating roles in six of his operettas, notably Der letzte Walzer Massary first nights were a highlight of every season in Berlin.

The couple returned to Vienna, then moved to Switzerland. Pallenberg was killed in a plane crash shortly afterwards. Finally, after a brief guest appearance in London, where she was befriended by Noel Coward and played the role of Liesl Haren, the fading Viennese operetta star, in his not very successful musical play Operette , Massary moved to the United States.

Once idolized, she lived a quiet, withdrawn life. Every time I saw her in the imperfect works to which her art provides support, that dream was transformed for me into a living and complete image that bore her name. First performed at the Vienna Opera in , it remained in the repertoire until Goldmark also composed symphonies, symphonic poems, concert overtures, a violin concerto, chamber music, piano music, choral music and Lieder. Much influenced by Wagner, he is generally considered a late Romantic.

Born into a middle-class Jewish family in Vienna, he first studied law, then medicine. His first publication, a volume of extremely short, fragmentary sketches and poems entitled Wie ich es sehe , with an emphasis on the moment and on everyday, seemingly insignificant characters, conversations, gestures, and events, created a sensation in Germany as well as Austria.

Twelve collections of sketches, aphorisms and poems followed. The little town of Gmunden figures in several of these and was clearly a place to which he was strongly attached. All were published, with one exception, by the highly respected S. Fischer Verlag in Berlin and all went through several — up to twenty — editions.

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Always eager to be enchanted, Hofmannsthal explained, Altenberg saw the world as a scene of enchantment. To Thomas Mann, the young Viennese combined the childlike, magical vision of Hans Christian Andersen with the talent and penchant for the short form and for aphorism of Nietzsche. Another friend, the well-known cultural historian Egon Friedell, devoted a book to him Ecce Poeta [] , the aim of which was to present him, with his disdain of conventional rhyme, meter, and subject-matter, and his choice of the fragmentary in place of sustained, elaborated forms like the epic and the novel about which he sometimes wrote disparagingly , as the prototype of the modern writer.

He became despondent; his writing began to flag; and after breaking both wrists in a fall at his hotel, he was bedridden for months and began to slowly poison himself by taking vast quantities of sleeping pills. Genia Schwarzwald, p. Most of his work has been republished; several books have been written about him in both English and German; and hitherto untranslated works have been translated into English. Though he painted genre scenes in his early years, by the early s he was well launched on a highly successful career as a court painter in Vienna, London, Berlin, and St. He was a great favourite of Queen Victoria herself, as well as of Prince Albert.

He made portraits of her for the various royal residences. She also had him make portraits of other members of the royal family and, as a mark of her special regard for Slatin Pasha see below , had Angeli make her a portrait of him. In addition, Angeli was much in demand in English and German aristocratic circles.


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When the revolutionaries were defeated by the Imperial troops, Robert Blum was taken prisoner. On November 8, he was tried and condemned to death and, a day later, executed. He immediately became a hero and martyr in the cause of freedom for the entire German democratic movement.

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Ferdinand Freiligrath, the popular poet of the Revolution see the notice on him below , published a poetic tribute to him as a proletarian hero. His son Hans Blum, however, was no revolutionary but an ardent German nationalist. A war correspondent in the Franco-Prussian War of , he continued his career in journalism by serving as editor of Der Grenzbote from to All his historical writing was directed to the German Volk and to German youth and aimed to promote patriotism and national pride in both. Do you understand what I mean? Should Messieurs les Socialistes entertain the idea of degrading your father by claiming him as one of themselves, then you are at liberty to make use of my power, in the press, to keep that picture clean.

Your father was very advanced [ sehr liberal ]. Winter, ]. Les aristocrates, on les pendra.

Le despotisme expirera. A major figure in German Romantic literature, his reputation as the author of a body of lyric poetry suffused with melancholy has remained high.

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His first volume of Gedichte appeared in Lenau also wrote verse epics and dramas Faust , , Savonarola , , Die Albigensier , , Don Juan — begun in and published posthumously. His melancholy was no doubt partly due to a dark vision of human existence in general but it was also not unrelated to a negative judgment of the society and culture of his time, which led him, in , to set sail for the New World in the hope of finding more congenial conditions in what he took to be an unspoiled wilderness.

Disillusioned by America and what he judged to be its materialist culture, he returned to Europe after a year. The experience led him to distance himself radically from his earlier political liberalism and to identify with the downtrodden and oppressed, represented by American Indians and Gypsies. His first volume of poems, Gedicht e , was such a success that he was able to give up his job as a bookkeeper in Barmen.

On the recommendation of Alexander von Humboldt, he was awarded a pension by Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia in , which he renounced, however, in when he aligned himself unequivocally with the democratic opposition to the established order. His next collection, Glaubensbekenntnis , established him as the poet of the struggle for freedom and social justice of the middle years of the nineteenth century and was an even greater success than the volume.

The revolutionary content was unmistakable. Ein Gottweib! I adore her with all my being and follow her with sword and shield, and sing her hymns of praise — but neither now nor ever will I turn her into a sacred idol! Sechs Gedichte appeared. The verse was marked by even stronger, almost military rhythms and clear, memorable rhymes. The tone was now outspokenly revolutionary.

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Do I not control the ever rumbling volcano on which you walk? It is up to me; One push from me, one blow from me at this point in time, and behold, the whole edifice of which you are the summit collapses! Durch seine Lumpen pfeift der Wind! Wo nimmt es Brot und Kleider her? Mir nach, wer Rock und Hosen will! The wind whistles through their rags.

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Where are they to get bread and clothes? Let whoever wants a coat and stockings follow me! There is stuff for a whole battalion! When the paper was banned in , however, Freiligrath was again out of a job. With a warrant out for his arrest, he moved from one city to another until in he again left Germany, this time for London. After working for a few years for a commercial firm he was appointed director of the London branch of a Swiss bank.

In the branch was closed and two years later, after the announcement of an amnesty for everyone charged with political crimes, Freiligrath returned to Germany. Im vollen Brand der Juliglut, Wie ziehst du frisch dein Schwert! Wie trittst du zornig frohgemut Zum Schutz vor deinen Herd! Hurra, hurra, hurra!

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Hurra, Germania! Auf, meine Kinder, alle Mann! Zum Rhein!

LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)
LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)
LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)
LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)
LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)
LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)
LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition) LEnfant pliable (Livres numériques jeunesse) (French Edition)

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