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It is a PowerXStream game, a popular format originated by Cadillac Jack that uses a reel setup three rows of symbols on the outer reels; four rows on the inner reels for possible ways to win on each spin. Wins for adjacent symbols register both left-to-right and right-to-left.

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It also features Reel Surge, a random expanding reel feature that is particularly suited to the big inch vertical monitor on Orion. The game yields more ways to win depending on how high the reels go in the random expansion. On Icon, the Reel Surge animation combines the dual monitors into one.

The graphics on Orion also bring out the beautiful artwork in the game—particularly the two FireWolf characters, one blue and one fire-red, which animate during Reel Surge events. A clone of the FireWolf program is used on another new game, exclusive to Orion, called River Dragons.

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This game adds interactive animated features like fish that react at the touch of the screen. The Icon cabinet also is being used as an upgrade path for previous formats. Prior to each spin, a random symbol is selected to appear in a stack each time it lands on a reel. This applies to wild symbols as well as game symbols.

In this format, multiple large stacks of symbols are randomly inserted from spin to spin. We have some that are very high volatility, but some that are entertainment-style games as well. We have a good variety. At G2E, we will show three or four specific high-limit games coming out of the Vegas office.

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Burke says AGS uses customer feedback to revisit the product roadmap regularly. With those licenses set to expire, Burke says, there is ongoing discussion on possible new branding deals. As Orion joins the other cabinets in the AGS portfolio, the company continues to merge prior technologies into the Atlas platform.

Colossal Diamonds, on the cabinet commonly called Big Red, is the Bertha-style giant slot inherited when the company acquired Colossal Gaming. It has been one of the most consistent success stories in the AGS portfolio, with roughly placements in the U.

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Under John Hemberger, the senior vice president of table products who was hired after running the proprietary games division at SHFL entertainment, the AGS table game division has grown to more than 1, tables installed across the country. The company got its first preview of customer reaction to the table games, Orion and the other new products in June at GameON, a three-day conference held for key, senior-level customers in Miami.

The conference intermingled industry updates from AGA President Geoff Freeman and industry analysts with talks by AGS officials on new slot and table game technology—and the first look at Orion. By focusing fully on the customer experience, and not on ourselves, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind event that reflected what the new AGS is all about. Konami Gaming, Inc.

AGS debuts a premium cabinet and top content from a reborn development team. GGB Podcasts.

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Recent Feature Articles. All Aboard Konami Gaming, Inc. Kendrix advises Maya to wait for the other Power Rangers because only the two will not be able to defeat Destruxo, but Maya ignores her and decides to return and face the monster alone. Along the way, she finds a confectionery shop and when she sees a birthday cake in the window, she notices the one Kendrix made and feels guilty.

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Maya apologizes to Kendrix and justifies that there is no anniversary celebration on the planet Mirinoi , both make up. In that space of time, Destruxo found the exact location of the Lights of Orion and they begin to sprout from the ground of Terra Venture. To make matters worse, Magna Defender, who was also on the outside of the force shield, became Defender Torozord and began attacking the shield, putting the entire Terra Venture at risk.

Leo, Damon and Kai are forced to summon their respective Galactabeasts to stop Magna Defender which is only interrupted when he feels a very strong pain in the chest that breaks his merger with Torozord and forces him to retreat. Maya and Kendrix locate the source of the force shield but Destruxo appears and intervene to defend it, the two make a combination of attacks against the monster breaking its defense, Maya destroys the origin of the shield allowing the entrance of the other Power Rangers as well as releasing the oxygen in the colony in general.

Orion Rising

Power Rangers use the Quasar Launchers but the shots do no damage to Destruxo that is thought to be invincible, so the battle is interrupted with the emergence of the Lights of Orion that finally emerge from the ground, arousing the attention of the rangers, Destruxo and Magna Defender.

The lights begin to move in the air and are pursued by Destruxo but they distance themselves and escape from Terra Venture. Destruxo blames the Power Rangers for interfering in capturing the lights and ensures that they will find them, it disappears right away. The rangers celebrate Damon's birthday as Maya watches the window space thinking that the Lights of Orion will soon return. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Orion Rising Orion Rising
Orion Rising Orion Rising
Orion Rising Orion Rising
Orion Rising Orion Rising
Orion Rising Orion Rising
Orion Rising Orion Rising
Orion Rising Orion Rising

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