The Boy on the Porch

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His Guilt. A graceful profound story for all ages that speaks well beyond its intended audience. When a young couple finds a boy asleep on their porch, their lives take a surprising turn. Unable to speak, the boy, Jacob, can't explain his history. All John and Marta know is that they have been chosen to care for him.

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And as their connection and friendship with Jacob grow, they embrace his exuberant spirit and talents. The three of them blossom into an unlikely family and begin to see the world in brand-new ways. By clicking "Notify Me" you consent to receiving electronic marketing communications from Audiobooks. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time. Sign up Login. Remember Me. They nurture his talent for music and painting and do not bully or criticize him. In return, he loves them unconditionally.

The Boy on the Porch

The two struggle with telling the authorities about the lost boy because they don't really want him to be found by the person who left the note. They eventually do the right thing, but almost lose the boy over their choice. Creech shows how their decision was from a good heart, even if misguided.

By Sharon Creech, Sharon Creech

The story also shows the lack of laws in place to protect children from parents who don't know how to parent. In this regard, it might be a good book for a book club with grade 5 students. The story is only pages so it is a quick read. The plot is well organized and the tension from wondering when or if the parents will come back for the boy kept me turning the pages.

Like I said, I just don't know if students will take interest. Oct 31, Betsy rated it really liked it Shelves: chapter-books , childrens , intermediate , middle-grades. I almost shelved this book on my "parenting" shelf because it has a lot to say about parenting!

And this little book is primarily about the grown-ups. A childless couple finds a boy on their porch, a boy who can't speak but who possesses great and amazing gifts in the arts music and painting particularly. He can communicate with animals after a fashion as well. And it's beautifully written with succinct short chapters and just enough said. I'm going to be curious to see who picks it up more, grown-ups or kids.

View 1 comment. Mar 21, Kristina rated it it was amazing. I loved how this book made me feel! A truly amazing family story! May 29, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook-reads. A heartwarming little story about what words like "home" and "family" really mean.

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The story is simple, but Jacob's joy is infectious and there's a lot of emotion in just a few pages. Jun 19, Richie Partington rated it it was amazing. She wondered if he just was not ready to talk to them, or if he needed to recover from some horrible experience. Maybe he simply needed time. Always, too, at the back of her mind was the worry that the closer they came to know the boy and the more they loved him, the harder it would be to let him go.

The boy is accompanied by a note that reads, "Plees taik kair of Jacob. He is a god good boy. Wil be bak wen we can. The couple takes to the boy, who gives meaning to their lives. The boy has a stunning and seemingly innate talent for making music and art, and the couple provide him instruments and art materials to feed his growth. But the boy cannot or does not speak a sound. Given that the boy maintains his silence, and that the entire story is told from the couple's perspective, there is a growing mystery to unravel. As the couple falls more and more in love with the boy, their fear of losing him heightens.

For some reason, the young couple has also, previously, had a beagle appear at their farm. And subsequent to the boy's mysterious arrival, a cow also appears. The boy learns to ride the cow. The cow, the beagle, and the rest of the animals at the farm adore the boy. But where did he come from, and do they really only get to be with him for a limited time?

If the boy is taken from them, will they hold onto the openheartedness that they have developed, in part, thanks to the boy? But this hauntingly beautiful story about loving without limits, overcoming fears of loss, accepting that which is, and the sounds of silence, is a truly special and memorable tale. Aug 05, Sophia rated it liked it Shelves: freebies. Review time! This was a beautiful little story, and beautifully written.

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  5. I can't say anything bad about it. I wanted to know more about all of the characters--who are John and Marta? How long have they been married?

    The Boy on the Porch

    Where do they come from? Have they always lived in this same town? What about Lucy and her mother? Or the sheriff and Daphne his secretary, who seems to spend a lot of time rescuing kittens? I wanted to know more about all of them. And of course, most of all, I wanted to know more about Jacob--but touching the mystery surrounding him might have ruined the story, while fleshing out the other characters might have emphasized the magical quality of his character even more.

    I enjoyed this book in the reading, but at the end, I found that I didn't have a clear idea of any of the characters except for a few idiosyncrasies. I also wanted to understand more about the significance of the beagle and the cow, especially when it came to their relationship to Jacob.

    So Jacob isn't magical--just mute and incredibly artistically talented--but in that case, where did the cow and beagle come from? The beagle could just be a regular stray, but the cow turns up out of the blue, with no explanation, seemingly left there quite deliberately, and we never find out where it came from. Jacob, the beagle, and the cow are all tied together as gifts that seemingly fell from the sky, which John and Marta accept without question, but learning Jacob's entirely earthly origin takes something away from his connection with the beagle and the cow.

    I'm interested in reading more of her work, based on how beautiful and magical this story was, but I have a feeling that this isn't her best work. Mar 14, Kim Zarins rated it it was amazing Shelves: middle-grade-fiction. Beautifully written book wow-those short chapters that make you keep reading! It might appeal to parents more than elementary school kids, in so far as the story is really about two grown-ups who open their hearts to this little child, and the tale's tension is whether they will keep or lose this child.

    Plus, I'm glad this book is not about teaching a nonverbal boy to speak. It's about loving a little boy for being himself, and giving him t Beautifully written book wow-those short chapters that make you keep reading! It's about loving a little boy for being himself, and giving him the materials art supplies, guitar to give him the voice that is right for him.

    John and Marta loved these little kids, but their boy was in a class all by himself, just like Charlotte is said to be in that gorgeous ending. This makes me think that this story is NOT about two adults saving a child. It's about a child saving the adults. Teaching them to open up their home and find love.

    I think kids will not enjoy the ending as much as adults will, because years have passed, and to a child's point of view, the titular boy on the porch is no longer a boy.

    Sharon Creech | The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech

    Yet I feel like writers should take storytelling risks like these, and publishers should take those risks too. Think of MRS. The more kids can learn empathy for people young and old, the better their perspective. Oct 01, Ms. Yingling rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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    The Boy on the Porch The Boy on the Porch
    The Boy on the Porch The Boy on the Porch
    The Boy on the Porch The Boy on the Porch
    The Boy on the Porch The Boy on the Porch
    The Boy on the Porch The Boy on the Porch

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