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The Magic Bags – 4 Reuseable Grocery Bags for Shopping

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Be it as it is, we'd like to distinguish between three types of Magical Bags in the world of Caelereth :. The Lif t - or Light- Bags These kinds of Magical Bags definitely are the most common type among travellers, who know where to get these expensive items and can afford them.

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They are constructed in a way that they harbour a more or less powerful permanent wind enchantment, causing a reduction of the weight of all items you put into the bag. Depending on the power of the enchantment, this reduction can vary considerably, so that the contents weigh only half of their usual weight, a quarter or even nothing at all, so that only the size of the bag determines how much you can put in.

The creation of Lift-Bags just as any other permanent enchantment of course isn't an easy task and is said to require the cooperative work of several wind mages.

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You may obtain such bags at any major magical shop, be it in Ximax , Voldar or Ciosa, providing you have a filled purse. These holes in the bags allow its owner to access distant items by simply grabbing them through the bag. Therefore these bags are also called "Bottomless Bags" as they allow to take out theoretically unlimited amounts of items while actually containing nothing at all. Sich bags don't require much space therefore and can be easily hidden as they are always "empty".

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However, you need to keep in mind that an arm can only reach as far as its own length and that the target location will run out of supplies if no further provisions are provided from the other side. So though the Rift-Bag is a Magical Bag, which is much more powerful than any other known kind, it only has a limited use for the owner.

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Various sources tell us that the Rift-Bags were a very common tool in ancient times e. Nowadays Rift-Bags are seen as artifacts and would earn you a lot of money when sold.

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  • Many believe that elves of certain tribes still know how to produce such bags. Other Bags Without doubt there are other singular Magical Bags as well, which however are even rarer than the famous Rift-Bags. These bags are often products of famous magicians and made for certain very specific purposes and therefore very difficult to sumsumize under a general term.

    Such bags can be extremely powerful or just little toys.

    Magic Carpet Long Track Bag

    Macanti for example are known who use Magical Bags in order to generate some sort of temporary illusion, making things disappear and reappear again, change the colours or the transperancy of the bags etc. Such bags are not capable of permanent changes on objects at all, though swindlers might sell such bags to make people believe that they are in fact Rift-Bags. More powerful individual Magical Bags are often mentioned in local lore, which are impossible to verify.

    Anyway, it should suffice here to mention these bags - if the devoted reader comes across proof of any of these bags, feel free to let your Compendium researchers know immediately for further investigation. A Magical Bag is used for the purpose it is designed for, which varies from bag type to bag type. Lift-bags of course are widely used for carrying large amounts of things, due to their weight-reducing ability. The best wizards who can produce such items in the United Kingdom of Santharia live in Ximax , so they are especially very common in the Xamaron province.

    Though such bags today are mainly produced in the magical capital of the kingdom, other dependencies throughout the land also like to draw a nice aditional income out of them by selling these items to interested travellers.

    Ximaxian bags are said to be the most reliable as well and worth the sometimes exorbitant prize. However, to the dismay of the mages in Ximax and its countrywide dependencies, bags from other continents have found their way to Santharia as well, though it is not clear yet, if their is a common source from where they are originating, endangering the sales fo the local magicians. Such "other bags" are most times cheaper, but the Ximaxians warn that the buyer can't be sure about their true abilities until he has bought them and used them - and get disappointed by their quality.

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    • Well, every salesman of course tries to please his customers The main drawback for Magical Bags from wide-spreading is its huge price and rarity, which means that only for the richest can buy the best ones. But well, there are at least also bags, which reduce the weight of the contents only to a certain degree - and this surely is a good investment for every adventurer.

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      Magical Bags probably existed since the days when powerful magic was at its prime. We know that magic was common during the old days of the War of the Chosen , and so were artifacts, be it swords , amulets or Magic Bags. But in the aftermath of this cataclysmic war magic suffered a terrible drawback - magic itself was seen as a disastrous force and enchanted items were destroyed and only a few remained till this very day.

      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags
      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags
      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags
      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags
      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags
      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags
      The Magic Bags The Magic Bags

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