When God Leaves You Short

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It was amazing it was about the size of 2 airplanes in the sky and next to it was an angel. The eye was beautiful. The color of his eye is of the sky with blue and clouds within and it moved around. I am not sure if anyone else saw this at the time. I wish I shared this sooner as some time has passed.

I was in Nevada at the time but I live in Sacramento. The angel was moving in and out of the clouds and then went away. His eye moved around just as you would move your own eye. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. God has the whole world in his hands. Since then I have seen 2 white doves flying over me as I was reading the bible outside which represents my daughter and myself being safe with God after all we have been through.

I have also got to hear his laughter when I learned how to ride a motorcycle. His laughter is the most joyful laughter you could ever imagine hearing and I have been able to hear him laugh once more after that. When I went camping, he also sang to me.

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I have had a very painful life full of much sadness and have had experiences that have caused me to be crippled with emotional and physical problems. I am able to speak with God and he is helping me to discover just how strong my connection to him is.

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Jerry L Martin July 21, Reply. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. Your experiences are more anthropomorphic than I am personally comfortable with. But, of course, my experience of hearing a divine voice strains the credulity of others. We all have to be grateful for however God comes to us. Bless you! Rachel Barker June 24, Reply. Set the alarm, get ready for work, pack the kids up and do school drop off, work, dinner, homework, baths, bed…..

Throw the occasional school activity, game and birthday event in, but overall…. This WAS totally my life. I went to church most Sundays and prayed nightly. Usually, my prayers were thanking the Lord for the day and asking to guide me to be better for the next. I knew horrible, tragic things randomly happened to people. But that was never going to be me. To be honest, the thought never crossed my mind that it could happen.

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April 12, that forever changed. My mother-in-law and I just stared at each other. After that, my son was pretty much ripped from my arms and ran into a room where an episode out of ER played out. Twenty medical personnel gowned and masked, asking me a million questions. So it turned out, he was barely alive. The most incomprehensible thing imaginable to me.

The Relationship of Flesh and Spirit; Physical Things vs. Spiritual Things

Official diagnosis….. He was sent to the ICU where his life expectancy was hour by hour. I mean, we were at the hospital. Let me go ahead and share this…. The doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to treat his cardiovascular system, respiratory system and everything else. He woke up on Good Friday.

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How amazing is that? We were discharged May 1st. I immediately prayed but was dissatisfied with the results. I found myself frustrated and scared. We were surrounded by other parents who prayed with us, Chaplains, family and friends and even strangers. I text a group of friends begging them to pray for Hunter. The first night in ICU I held his hand and paced and prayed. I think I fell asleep for an hour or so. Sleep was the furthest thing from my mind when my son was fighting for his life.

The next day I was given a journal. Initially I thought it was absurd to give me this when I just wanted to stare at my son.

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  • Because surely that would fix him! The second night I was anxious and stirring so I stared at the journal and thought…. I started writing down bible verses that were shared with me.

    I searched up specifically ones for healing, faith and strength. I attempted to collect my thoughts and get my feelings and thoughts down on paper. As I continued journaling, I was writing down my prayers to be more specific and re-read my thoughts. I focused not only on my son, but those who were helping us. I hesitated putting our horrible situation out there, but I did.

    The feedback was incredible. Well, the entire time we were in ICU, I felt a presence hugging me. My arms had two warm spots where I felt the nonstop hug. Honestly, after 48 hours on only 2 hours of sleep I thought my body was just sore or something. It dawned on me that God was hugging me. A few moments later a friend reached out via email to share her experience of being held by God when her husband had suffered from a stroke. I clung to that as my fear and anxiety crept in at the worst moments. I found so much peace in journal and writing down my prayers to God.

    What To Do When God Leaves You (Very Comforting)

    Joining me in prayer were obviously my friends and family, as well as our entire nation.

    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short When God Leaves You Short
    When God Leaves You Short

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